Preemptive Love: Sisterhood Soap

Posted by: on January 23, 2017

Lately the weight of the crisis and turmoil around the world has touched many of our hearts. It has left us asking, what do we do? How can we help? Last year, the Legacy Collective community gave a 50k grant to the Preemptive Love Sisterhood Soap Initiative.

The Preemptive Love team is training ISIS victims, refugees, displaced people, and casualties of war with the capital they need to turn existing skills into successful small business endeavors, and the training they need to make a range of hand-poured candles and hand-milled soap products suitable for sale in top tier international retailers and in home-based sales.

Image by Esther Havens

In war-torn Syria and Iraq, decades of dictatorship, foreign wars, and terrorism have conspired to destroy the lives of untold millions, including some twenty million between both countries that are currently displaced by the Assad regime, ISIS, and various militias. Preemptive Love is coming alongside refugees and equipping them to start their own businesses, earn their own money, and remake what was destroyed.

The people of Syria still need our help. We all buy soap here in the states but buying sisterhood soap is a tangible way to help the people of Syria as they work to rebuild their lives. Follow Preemptive Love on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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  1. jessica says:

    love this and the soaps and candles are excellent. Let our dollars place value upon men and women who are trying to work to care for themselves and their families under extreme circumstances.

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