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We Need Your Help...

Will you help us meet our goal?

At the beginning of the year, we set a goal to grant $700,000 to nonprofits solving systemic issues around the globe. So far, thanks to our community’s generosity, we’ve raised enough to issue over $370,000 in grants to date!

However, due to economic hardship hitting many households in our donor community, our Legacy Giving Circle has taken a significant hit and we are currently coming in short by $250,000.

We are on track to issue $100,000 in our Fall grant round, which is $250,000 short of our goal for the year.

Last grant round, 49 nonprofits submitted grant applications (10 were granted). We want to support as many nonprofits as possible in this upcoming grant round. The additional $250,000 has the ability to issue 10 grants to 10 thoroughly-vetted nonprofits working to make a difference.

$350,000 total will allow us to impact approximately 14 nonprofits globally. We have the ability to make a greater impact- TOGETHER!

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10 Grants to 10 Nonprofits

If we reach $250,000 total, we will be able to issue approximately $350,000 in the upcoming grant round – our highest ever total granted in a grant round!

We’re a community that gives together, votes together, grants together, and celebrates together. Our hope is that during a time when some of our community members that have hit a time of hardship, others that are able will fill the gap. If that is you, we would be incredibly grateful!

Every single dollar counts and will go toward these 10 grants! 100% of the funds given will go directly towards the Legacy Fall Grant Round.

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Ways YOU can help us hit our GOAL!

Bump up your monthly giving to the next highest giving level

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Join the Legacy Giving Circle, if you haven’t already

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Donate an extra month of giving or make a one time donation

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Additional ways to help:

  • Help spread the word by sharing our social media posts! Follow our accounts here: Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn.
  • Invite someone in your family, friend, or work groups to join Legacy with YOU! Giving is more fun when we do it TOGETHER!
  • Apply for a Corporate Match with your employer for your 2023 Legacy Giving year to date.

One grant can go so far… Imagine what 10 can do!

Earlier this year, we visited Global Village Project to learn more about their organization and they impact they are making on the education of refugee girls. Check out this video to learn more about the impact that YOUR granting made from the 2023 Spring Legacy Giving Circle Round! We want to make at least 14 of these possible in November with your help!

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