An Update From Brandon Hatmaker

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for May 18, 2020

Happy Monday! I hope you all are doing well and doing your part to stay safe.

I want to take a moment to let each of you know how much we appreciate you and update you on all things Legacy Collective. We literally have thousands of people who receive our email updates, some are investors, partners, and members, but the majority are those who just have heart for doing good and are keeping informed. Whether you join our giving community one day or not, we want you to know that we value you and want to keep you updated on what we’re up to.

As most of you know, Legacy Collective is a community of givers who commit $35, $100, or $250 a month to a collective fund. Once that fund builds up, our investors nominate worthwhile projects around the world that we all then vote on and provide grants to help fund the project. Each one is vetted and viewed through the lens of innovation, collaboration, diversity, and whether it is sustainable project addresses a systemic issue. Although our largest monthly donation is $250 we have collectively given well over $3MM to worthwhile projects. Last year 52% went to international projects and 48% went to domestic projects.

While we’ve all been affected by the recent pandemic, we’ve been affected in different ways. Non-profits and philanthropic groups like ours have taken a pretty big (and understandable) hit. But through it all, we’ve still been able to give 10 grants this year totaling just under a quarter of a million dollars to projects led by local leaders impacting at the community level. That is simply amazing and we are super grateful for your commitment.

One of the unique things about our structure is that while we focus on grants to help fund projects from established organizations, we are uniquely positioned to respond in times of crisis. Our community is already set up to raise more funds, find local orgs addressing the major issues on the community level, and make a greater difference together than any of us could have made alone. In addition to the recent grants our collective fund supported in 2020, we were able to provide over 30,000 meals to the families with children struggling with food insecurity in a community in Nashville that was affected deeply by natural disasters just prior to COVID-19. From there we were able to give a $25,000 grant in a partnership with #FirstRespondersFirst to provide FREE childcare to front line healthcare workers in mid-town Detroit.

Bottom line… you guys are doing amazing work!

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment. Thank you for sticking with us even in tough times. I think that’s what it’s all about. And if you’re one of those who is getting this newsletter and thinking about joining our ranks, we’d love to have you!

All the best,
Brandon Hatmaker, Co-Founder & CEO

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