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Boundless+Backlot is an independent film & production company that specializes in creating short and long format documentaries that tell stories that are significant to our world – focused exclusively on topics of social impact and global equality. Today’s audiences are hungry to learn about what matters most and they appreciate thoughtful content when told with authenticity and empathy. Short and long-format documentaries bring credibility unparalleled in any other medium and allow viewers to connect at a more personal level. Our goal is to bring these stories to life in hopes of raising awareness and empowering change at the community, national, and global level.


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Every Donor Has Flexibility in How They Give

Legacy Collective offers the convenience of giving online with a credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay through the links below thanks to our partners at Pure Charity.

You are also able to give directly to Legacy Collective and save the 5% processing fee so that those funds can be granted directly toward these projects. If you are interested in paying with a check, ACH transfer or wiring funds, please email so that we can share our banking information with you.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

There still exist far too many racial inequities in our society. We want to break down these walls through stories that celebrate great individuals and accomplishments that help to show that we are all truly equal.

Environmental Issues

We know that climate change is an existential threat that will have massive implications for all populations across the globe. We aspire to help mitigate the future risk by sharing stories and dreams of those who are actively working to help change the ways in which we currently live to help minimize our carbon footprint.

Female Empowerment

From education to employment equality, females in many areas are either left behind or have obstacles placed in their path. We will elevate stories of those who have trailblazed paths and dedicated their lives to breaking through for others to follow.

Food Insecurity

Across our country millions are impacted by food scarcity, quality, and often struggle with where their next meal will come from. We will showcase groups and efforts focused on providing a path towards mitigating these challenges.

Healthcare | Post Pandemic

Society was forced to live under many restrictions for several years that are proving to have generational consequences on our healthcare system. We will share stories of the impact on physical and mental health across our nation and discuss what can be done to help the healing process.

Veteran’s Mental Health

All too often our heroes are forced to suffer silently through PTSD and other mental health challenges. We aim to help elevate this plight and shine a light on new developments in mental health treatments.


1. What’s a giving circle?

It’s a community of like-minded people who come together to give, learn, and collectively issue grants to nonprofits.

2. What is Legacy Collective?

Legacy Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s been gathering communities of passionate givers for ten years. Since 2015, they’ve raised more than $8 million.

4. How are our funds used for this giving circle?

Glad you asked!

  • 10% Administration
  • 5% Pure Charity Donation Processing Fee
  • 85% Grants

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