ChildVoice Short Film

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for Dec 3, 2020

No Longer Silent: Gladys’ Journey is a short film that chronicles an inside look at ChildVoice’s latest work in Uganda and Nigeria. The short film includes footage from the Lukome Center and Imvepi Refugee Settlement, interviews with staff in Uganda, and a special segment following the life and progress of one of their students, Gladys.  

Suzy Beck and Jonathan Fambrough, the creators of the film “No Longer Silent: Gladys’ Journey”, have a long history of unscripted storytelling on film. They also lead HERE-is-WHY, a nonprofit group that develops storytelling films which support activists and social change-makers around the world. They have a character-driven documentary style work – directing & producing films for non-profits & NGO’s in dozens of countries. Their aim is to eliminate barriers and celebrate the voices of those often underrepresented.

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