Curtis Stephens



Curtis Stephens is a seasoned executive who takes an imaginative and venturesome vision and makes it a reality through both collaboration and sound strategy development. Curtis currently serves as a Corporate Director for two (2) early-stage companies and in an Advisory Board capacity for a Family-Owned Corporation. He is actively engaged in the company’s strategic planning through an integrated, risk-informed approach that supports the long-term growth of the company, including oversight of the company’s long-term financial plan and sustainability, innovation and workforce development initiatives.

Curtis has served as Chief Operating Officer of United Network for Collegiate Pantry Sharing, Inc, a company that provides short-term food relief for those experiencing food insecurities enrolled as a student at universities and colleges within the United States since 2020. In 2021, Curtis joined a Technology Accelerator with focused investment in technology sectors to include: digital health / medical (MedTech), sport (SportTech), real estate (ProTech), and agriculture (AgriTech). Curtis is a former Managing Director of a full-service sports & entertainment enterprise that specialized in both contract negotiation and venture management for Professional Athletes in the National Football League, where he served from September 1997 until October 2017. Curtis has previously served privately‐held and publicly listed companies in a range of leadership capacities in field, headquarters and corporate global assignments, where he has developed broad and varied business acumen in negotiations, due diligence, financial and operations stewardship, corporate governance, internal growth strategies, risk and external growth strategies, and organizing business resources to optimize value creation for the company.

Curtis holds an MBA from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and a BS from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


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