grant announcement

for December 2nd, 2021

We are excited to announce our 2nd Fall 2021 Grant Round Recipient!

Thanks to our generous donor community, The Spero Project is receiving a $25,000 grant towards serving 1,000 new Afghan neighbors resettling in Oklahoma City!

The Spero Project is scaling in order to make our wraparound services available for all 1,000 new neighbors arriving from Afghanistan through the Afghan Placement Assistant program. Recognizing both the unprecedented numbers of new neighbors arriving through this program and the specific, specialized and heightened needs of this particular community, Spero is growing our staff team, replicating programs, and adding new partnerships to ensure new neighbors will receive the level of support needed for successful long term resettlement.

The resettlement agency will provide crucial services in the first 90 days including housing, employment, and school enrollment. As a long term partner with this resettlement agency, we will receive referrals for all individuals arriving in OKC. We expect that 75% of those referred to Spero will choose to access wraparound support services. Projected support for one individual per year would amount to $3,407.

We’re committed to partnering with neighbors in both replicable programs and individualized ways. Utilizing the systems and structures we already have in place from 12 years of partnership in the resettled refugee community, we will add and adjust existing programs to meet the needs of new neighbors from Afghanistan with the same focused care. Below is a list of these place-based programs. (Items noted * have been added specifically for APA arrivals)

Comprehensive Community Support

  • Community Support Specialists focus on the material support, learning opportunities, and connections to individuals and entities that will ensure successful and sustainable integration to Oklahoma.
  • Translation support fulfilled by contract employment of former refugees
  • On-Call Community Support Specialists focusing on nights and weekends are crucial in ensuring the stability of new neighbors by offering support and intervention services at the point of challenge rather than after escalation.

Student Support

  • School Liaisons focused on communication and parental engagement
  • Daily after school programs, individualized tutoring, and educational resources
  • * School-based programming to provide additional support to students as they adjust to a new culture, language, and schooling system.

Adult Education

  • Leveled ESL classes in neighborhoods throughout the city
  • Classes in homes to focus on underserved women
  • Conversational language partners
  • Special workshops like Tornado Safety, Home Buying 101, etc.
  • *Gender specific class options

Employment Services and Placement Support

  • Medical and Dental Assistance
  • Liaison to ensure continuation of care and connections to a medical home
  • * Emergency fund for large medical expenses
  • Mental Health Support
  • Specialist to ensure access to care
  • * Equivalent of 2 Full Time trauma-informed Practitioners


  • * Driving school tuition and test for approximately 160 adults
  • * Vehicle purchase matching fund


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