First Grant Recipient of 2021: Help One Now

grant announcement

for January 14, 2021

We are excited to announce our 1st 2021 Grant Recipient!

Thanks to our generous donor community, Help One Now is receiving a $100,000 grant towards their Family Empowerment Program in Iquitos, Peru.

Last year we committed to helping Help One Now through our Moxie and Legacy giving circles. This grant will help their Family Empowerment Programs in Iquitos, Peru. 

Over time, as these families launch businesses in Iquitos and gain financial independence – their focus will shift outward. They will re-invest in their business and create opportunity for families around them through employment and economic contribution. They will gain the ability to care for their families, send their children to school, and even care for vulnerable children and families around them – transforming their community and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty in Iquitos for generations to come.

Help One Now has partnered with Kairos Ministries in Peru for over 5 years, working together to provide high quality education to thousands of students in Iquitos and aftercare services for survivors of human trafficking in the Amazon region. Over these 5 plus years, Help One Now and Kairos have seen the benefits of economic empowerment in addressing the root causes of poverty and trafficking.

Help One Now’s empowerment initiative, the Family Empowerment Program, is a highly collaborative program designed to combat chronic poverty and prevent trafficking. It equips families to achieve long-term financial independence and become active contributors to the growth and stability of their local economy. 

So far, in Peru they have assembled a trauma-informed empowerment team and implemented the first steps in the process of launching the program. The first 5 families have already been empowered and 7 more will be empowered by the end of January 2021. As those families progress the Kairos Empowerment Team will work toward the goal of empowering 75 more families in 2021, directly impacting over 1,000 lives!


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