From the Co-Founder: What Brandon has learned during this season

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for May 4, 2020

Legacy Collective is not just a giving community, we are a learning community. 

We’ve always tried to listen and learn before we act in order to maximize what we can accomplish together. This has been a priority for all our grants and we started applying this when responding to disasters and crisis after the most recent hurricane hit the Texas coast. We watched individuals and organizations step in and give immediate relief. Supplies were donated in droves. Much of it necessary. So much of it wasted because the systems were not in place for sustainability. We didn’t sit on our hands, we did what we could, and we watched the organizations doing the most significant work rise to the top… usually weeks later… and we supported them.

What we continue to learn during COVID-19 is that empowering leaders at the community level is so very necessary. Before any disaster hits, they were there serving that neighborhood. They knew what was going on before and they are our best voices to listen to when trying to return to whatever the new normal is.
Supporting at the community level is necessary but it’s also deeply under-resourced.

Most people want to give right away for tangible results and the vast majority of donations go to rescue and recovery and very little to sustainability. That’s one of the things that makes Legacy Collective so unique.

Legacy Collective has always been committed to funding at the root of social issues. That’s hard to do during a crisis or disaster. Mostly because something like COVID-19 does not discriminate who it affects… but it does affect under-resourced communities differently.

Our commitment to you as a part of our community is that we will continue to partner well and give effectively, that you will always have a place for input, and that we will continue to share what we are learning.

Thank you for your commitment.

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