Help One Now – Meet Janeth Arimuya Guzman!

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for May 2, 2021

She is 39 years old and has 3 children. Her husband suffers from a medical condition that has made it difficult for him to work consistently, and Janeth has had to take on the full responsibility of providing for the family. She initially was working in the local street market, selling food items and some hand-made knitted bags and towels. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the markets were closed and Janeth had nowhere to sell her goods. Her children were still able to go to school through the Help One Now Peru education program, but Janeth and her husband no longer had the means to care for their family’s daily needs.

It didn’t take long for the HON Peru Empowerment Team to recognize the skills and determination Janeth had, and they decided she was a perfect candidate for the Family Business Program.

Janeth has now gone through the training program and is ready to launch her new business! She will continue her knitting and crochet work and open her own storefront to sell her incredible products. She has also begun making connections with stores around the city so that when her production increases, she can distribute her goods and grow her business even more!

When her business becomes profitable, Janeth hopes to buy her own piece of land where she can build a new house and have a larger space for production. She also hopes to be able to provide her husband with the healthcare he needs to recover and be healthy again.

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