Help One Now- Meet Maria Isabel Leyva!

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for July 8, 2021

She is 45 years old and is a single mother caring for her 3 children and 1 grandchild. For most of her adult life, Maria has sold second hand clothes in the local market, often not bringing in enough income to meet the most basic needs of her family. But she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and found ways to create more opportunities for herself. Several years ago, she began working in the school kitchen at Colegio Kairos, where she was also able to receive a scholarship for her younger children to attend school. One of Maria’s greatest passions is cooking, and the school gave her the chance to practice that passion while also bringing in more support for her family.

Maria always dreamed of opening her own restaurant, and because of your gifts through the Family Business Program, her dreams have finally come alive! Maria recently completed the program and was able to open her very own breakfast restaurant. Her business has already done incredibly well, and she is making her plans for growth and expansion. Soon, Maria will have enough income to expand her restaurant to also serve lunch and dinner, and she will hire two more women as part of the expansion! 

Maria’s life has dramatically changed because of the Family Business Program and the opportunities it has given her to fulfill her dreams and create a new life for her family.

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