Help One Now- Meet Nilda Macuyama Aquije!

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for August 25, 2021

She is 46 years old and one of the newest entrepreneurs empowered through Help One Now’s Family Business Program.

Nilda and her family previously lived in an area of Iquitos that was prone to frequent flooding, which created an unsafe living environment for her family and difficulty generating any sort of income. What business they were able to carry out took an even greater hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team in Peru met Nilda and saw the great need she and her family had and the skills and potential she held. They enrolled her in the Family Business Program, and the impact it has already made has been immense.

Nilda started her very own food cart and began saving her profits. She was also able to help her husband adapt his barber business to start seeing clients remotely. With their new income, Nilda and her husband were able to make improvements to their house to create a safer living environment for their family.  

Nilda has big plans to grow her business and continue building a better future for her family. Her two children are currently in university and studying Business Administration and Food Industry Management, following in their mother’s footsteps!

We are so happy for Nilda and the life she is building for herself and her family. Her dreams can now be accomplished because of your support through Legacy Collective!



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