Help One Now Peru – Meet Elsa Tuisima Noez!

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for March 4. 2021

She is 57 years old and cares for her 1 child and 4 grandchildren! Elsa has been taking care of her whole family for several years now, since her daughter’s husband was sentenced to prison. They live in the Belen neighborhood of Iquitos, and have very little access to some of their most basic needs. 

Elsa knew that her family needed more, so she dreamt up ideas of starting her own business and was enrolled in the Help One Now Family Empowerment Program. Elsa was eager to learn and grow her business skills, and spent extra time preparing for her business ideas. 

At first, Elsa started a fish sales business, partnering with fishermen in her neighborhood to bring local products to the market. Her business was very successful, but when Covid restrictions shut down the ports she had to adapt. With the profits she saved, Elsa started a new corner shop business. This shop provides many essential products to her neighborhood and has been highly successful so far. It is Elsa’s hope to also restart her fish business when restrictions are removed and even be able to hire another employee. She dreams of one day bringing in enough profit to build her family a new house and to be able to provide for them their needs.

Elsa’s story is one of many who have been greatly impacted by the Family Empowerment Program. The program sees the skills and potential already present in entrepreneurs like Elsa and gives them the resources they need to build on those skills and create a life of opportunity for their family!

All of this has been made possible through Legacy Collective’s partnership with Help One Now, empowering entrepreneurs just like Else to end poverty for their families.

Learn more about Help One Now and the great work they are doing around the world!


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