Initiative Submissions are Now being Accepted for

Spring 2021 Grants

Initiative Requirements

Each initiative submission must meet the following minimum requirements:


Submitted by an active Legacy Collective Partner, Investor, or Founder

Be a qualified 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Organization as defined by the IRS

Nonprofit in good standing with the IRS; If required, produce IRS Determination Letter & latest Form 990 Tax Filing

The organization prohibits discrimination of any type protected by federal, state or local laws in their hiring practices, employment practices, and client services.  The organization promotes a diverse & inclusive culture.  

Initiative Guidelines

A well qualified initiative submission will meet the following guidelines:


Demonstrate the initiative will make a sustainable impact on a systemic issue

Demonstrate a clear ability that funding provided will move the organizational mission forward during a start up or program expansion phase.

Provide clear budget requirements and timeline milestones for progress towards the stated objective.

Be able to provide progress updates and initiative completion reporting, pictures/video, or site visits.

Ready to Submit Your Initiative?

(make sure you have all the required information as defined below)


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