Journey into Hope Partner Update


for February 8, 2017

In July 2016, Legacy Collective was able to partner with Journey into Hope and give them a 9k grant to help build two new classrooms for the Colegio Carmen de Vicuña in Sabaneta de Yasica, Dominican Republic. They were able to start construction in mid July and classrooms were ready for new students to begin school the last week of August.

Journey into Hope staff said, Legacy Collective is helping bring about a major change in the educational opportunities available to the kids in impoverished neighborhoods. The population of the students in their school is by design unique; there is about a 50/50 mix of Dominicans and Haitians. Journey into Hope has a very rare opportunity to raise up a generation of bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual, and bi-national children who can learn to respect, honor, learn from, and work along with those who are different from themselves. Educating these kids and nourishing their skills, ambitions and dreams is the only way we can ever hope to break the cycles of poverty, prejudice and illiteracy that dominate their neighborhoods. To all the people who faithfully give to Legacy Collective, the Journey into Hope team sends their deepest thanks and appreciation for your generosity. Pictures of the classroom construction can be seen below.



Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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