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for June 29, 2020

Access to education is directly related to reduced income inequality and economic growth.  An education can often move people from a position of hoping to survive into a place of thriving and then carrying that forward in generations to come.  From young girls gaining access to schools in areas they wouldn’t normally be educated, to adults gaining access to not only an education but specific vocational skills can change families and communities.

Here are a few quick stats on the current state of those living in poverty in the US and across the globe:

  • 736+ million people live in extreme poverty globally (WorldVision)
  • According to the World Bank, “Covid-19 will push 71 million into extreme poverty, measured at the international poverty line of $1.90 per day.”
  • In the US, for a family of 4, the poverty line is $25,700. (
  • 1 in 6 children (11.9 million) in the US live below the poverty line. (  That number is rising due to the effects Covid-19 is having on the economy.  

Our organization and donor community believe strongly that education and vocational training are great tools to help lift individuals out of poverty.  As a result, our donors have given grants to 12 organizations in 6 countries totaling over $375,000 that specifically focus on this effort!

Organizations we have given grants to doing great work:

Other Organizations & Websites to Check Out:


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