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We are excited to announce that the Legacy Collective Giving Circle has issued a Partnership Grant to Philanthropy Together (PhT) in the amount of $10,000! You can learn more about their great work below as we partner together to scale giving circles in the Latinx community.

The sponsorship of this grant would support Philanthropy Together’s scaling efforts through a new program Launchpad Latinx that serves to increase the number of new Latinx giving circles nationally in the US. This initiative is an extension of Philanthropy Together’s Launchpad For You program, a 5-session leadership training program to equip community leaders with the tools and inspiration they need to start their own giving circle.

There remains much potential across the US to increase Latinx representation in philanthropy. Giving circles offer an easy entry into philanthropy and Philanthropy Together’s giving circle incubator program Launchpad For You offers a training space for those interested to get the skills and resources they need to start their own.

Further leveraging early successes with the Latino Giving Circle Network at Latino Community Foundation (LCF), a partnership with this network encompasses using both organizations’ expertise to serve this particular identity-based community. Utilizing their deep ties to communities and Latinx leaders, LCF and PhT plan to roll out a national effort to get more Latinx community members involved in this model of giving. From webinars to toolkits, anyone joining the program will be well supported in their journey to becoming impactful everyday philanthropists in their community. This pilot serves to expand to new geographies beyond the initial test site in California. Our new program Launchpad Latinx accelerates our ability to reach and train new Latinx giving circle leaders.

The success of this pilot represents Philanthropy Together’s ability to replicate this program and will inform the overall sustainability of the program. Their hope is that new leaders emerge from hidden pockets throughout the country and that Launchpad Latinx will become a more accessible and a lighter training format for those Latinx leaders who wish to make immediate change in their communities.