Legacy Collective Launches Live to Give,
A Giving Circle Just for College Students


The Innovative Initiative Aims to Educate Students on Systemic Issues and Teach Them to be Philanthropists Early On


AUSTIN, TEXAS (June 15, 2021) – Legacy Collective, a giving community dedicated to funding nonprofits addressing systemic issues with sustainable, innovative solutions, today announces the launch of Live to Give, a new Giving Circle created for U.S.-based college students. Live to Give allows students to sign up for monthly giving as low as $5 and will allow them to make a direct impact on the world through collective, reliable giving.

“Legacy Collective is known for creating giving communities where donors come together, pool their collective resources, and give with confidence to nonprofit organizations all over the world. We want to provide college students a place where they can give back and learn how to be responsible givers alongside a nationwide community,” says Erin Arnheim, Legacy Collective CEO. “We’re dedicated to teaching college students about systemic issues and how to create large-scale change. It’s never too early to be a philanthropist and make an impact on the world.”

Live to Give offers students two options for giving. Students can sign up individually to give monthly at an amount of their choosing, as low as $5. Student organizations can sign up as a group, collect donations from members, and send monthly.

Live to Give will choose a cause area for each quarter. Four domestic nonprofits and four international nonprofits will be fully vetted and chosen as potential grant recipients. Throughout the quarter, all Live to Give donors will receive information with more information about each organization and instructions on how to vote for their favorite domestic and international nonprofit.

Live to Give has been fully created by college students, will be funded by college students, and nonprofits will be chosen based on their votes. Donors will also be updated on how their funds are used by the recipient organizations through regular updates.

Live to Give will hold informational sessions on Zoom on June 15 & 16 for potential members to learn more and ask questions. To obtain login information, please email

About Legacy Collective & Live to Give

Legacy Collective works to engage systemic problems related to social issues by resourcing what we believe to be the most innovative efforts and funding the most critical projects. Follow Legacy Collective and Live to Give online:


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Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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