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Due to the trauma of war, new moms are unable to provide for their infants with breast milk and are in need of formula which is in short supply. Without it, babies are dying. Love Does secured 3000 units of formula which is equivalent to 600 infants for 30 days/4 meals a day delivered to maternity wards in Kyiv. We are also working with our contacts on the ground to help with other urgent needs as well.

Of the 2.6million Ukrainian refugees that have fled to Poland, many are in refugee centers in Warsaw. Love Does secured 285,000 meals to be delivered to multiple centers. In addition, we staffed and supplied youth centers at the Warsaw Expo for 5000 Ukrainian refugees. These youth areas act as an oasis to give kids and families much needed activity, relief, support during this traumatic time as they wait to hear of their relative’s safety and whether they can return to Ukraine or will need to start a new life in another country.

There has been a large influx of Ukrainians entering the US through the Tijuana/San Diego border. They are allowed to stay in the US temporarily as a humanitarian parolee as they figure out their next steps. In this transition time, parolees are afforded very few services, so the needs are many. Love Does created and coordinated a San Diego Ukrainian task force made up of over 25 organizations to better serve this community. In addition, Love Does committed resources to provide for emergency housing for several individuals awaiting host families.