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Meet Liz

This month’s Spotlight Mama Bear of the month is Liz Wooten! She is a strong, compassionate mother and has been a part of the Mama Bears community for years. We are so thankful that she shared her Mama Bears experience with us. Learn more about her below!

Why did you originally join the Mama Bears online group?

I originally joined the Mama Bears group when my oldest child (now almost 15) first came out a couple years ago. Honestly, I was reeling from the news, and needed support, which I found in the various Mama Bears groups. I went from feeling alone, to being wrapped in hundreds of virtual hugs by other moms in situations similar to mine. Their online community truly helps people every single day.

How has Mama Bears positively impacted your life?

I have always unconditionally loved all my children, but the Mama Bears groups have helped me be a fierce advocate for them as well. Over the past couple years, I have been educated more on LGBTQ+ issues through Mama Bears and other resources. In learning how to create and enforce boundaries in my children’s lives, I have also learned how to do this in my own, and it is liberating.

What does it mean to you to be a Mama Bear?

To me, being a mama bear means *always* prioritizing the safety of queer kids over the discomfort of adults!

What compelled you to join the Mama Bears Giving Circle?

I joined the Mama Bears Giving Circle in launch week this past March, directly in response to the anti-trans measures Governor Abbott implemented in our home state of Texas. It makes me feel a little better to give help financially, when it seems like I can’t physically “do” enough.

Did any of the nonprofits in the giving circle specifically stand out to you? If so, which one?

For my family, we are especially aware of the recent attacks on trans kids, and appreciate that Gender Spectrum was a grant recipient. I hope the giving circle continues to focus on nonprofits that are helping transgender children specifically in these conservative areas.

Share your story!

If you or a Mama Bear you know is interested in being our Spotlight Mama of the month, we would love to connect! Please note that Spotlight Mamas may be anonymous if this makes the person sharing their story more comfortable. It is important to us that we honor the privacy of those in our community. To get involved please email Juliana Jordan at We appreciate you sharing your journeys with us!


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