weekly update

for August 10, 2020

Hello! My name is Daisy Martinez and I have joined Legacy Collective as the Marketing and Communications Intern. I am going to graduate in a week from Texas State University where I will be graduating with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising.

Throughout my undergrad, I was involved in a myriad of community service projects with local and national organizations. One of my favorite experiences was working with Sea Turtle Inc. in South Padre Island where I helped with the rehabilitation of sea turtles. I also worked alongside Oxfam to host a Hunger Banquet where we raised awareness about the inequalities and the privileges that we are born into.

I am excited to be a part of the Legacy Collective team because they strive to provide funding for sustainable solutions that will create a positive impact for marginalized communities. Recently, Legacy Collective supported The Equal Justice Initiative, which provides legal resources for Black Americans in the criminal justice system which I am really passionate about.

When I am not working, I am usually tending to all of 40 my plants, expanding my vegetable garden, playing with my cat Zeppelin or learning about social justice issues through blogs, books, and podcasts.

  • Currently Reading: Where am I Wearing?
  • Currently Listening to: Crime Junkies and Decolonize Social Work
  • Currently Watching: Immigration Nation on Netflix
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