Meet Holly Waugh – A Member of the Legacy Community!

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for October 4, 2021

A self-proclaimed “OG Legacy Investor” who has been all-in since the very beginning of Legacy Collective, Holly Waugh is a huge asset to our community. In fact, she will be joining the 2022 Class of the Legacy Collective Board of Advisors in January!

A lifelong Missouri resident, Holly loves the Kansas City Chiefs and has always been a natural leader. “I’ve been in some type of leadership role for the past 30 years. I spent years climbing the corporate ladder and then realized the title and pay wasn’t worth the life that was being sucked out of me,” Holly says.

Her most proud accomplishment didn’t come from any achievement in corporate America, but rather writing a deeply personal memoir titled, “This Is What You’ll Remember”.

“It was the hardest and holiest thing I have ever done,” says Holly. “God asked me to write a memoir so that my story could help bring healing to others who have experienced trauma, especially in childhood. It took several years and a whole lot of tears to get it all down on paper, but it was worth it. Writing that book healed parts of me that therapy could never touch.”

A natural extrovert, Holly loves nothing more than sitting at a table with chips, queso, and good people, talking about whatever comes up. She says she’s been very blessed by a core group of friends who God has surrounded her with.

“My friends have walked me through things I wasn’t sure I would survive,” says Holly. “They have shared their wisdom, experiences, and advice with me but, more than that, they have shown me unconditional love and grace. It is said that no one has ever seen their own face and that we rely on those around us to show us who we really are. My group does an amazing job of that.”

Holly is passionate about giving back to others and particularly to causes that protect children, including family empowerment work, combating sex trafficking, or refugee and immigration work.

“If it is going to keep a child from experiencing unnecessary trauma in their life, I am 100% here for it,” says Holly. “I truly believe that is easier to protect children than to heal adults. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I am especially passionate about protecting those children who are cast aside because of who they love.”

Of the grants given by Legacy Collective, Holly was particularly excited about the organization, She Is Safe. The organization works to prevent, rescue, and restore women and girls from abuse and slavery in high-risk communities across the world, equipping them to build lives of freedom and faith for a strong future.

Once COVID-19 numbers are down and life starts returning to normal, Holly says she’s looking forward to traveling.

“I am hoping to spend some time road-tripping to see some of my favorite people who are spread out around this country,” says Holly. “I am also looking forward to concerts again. I love live music! There is something about listening to music loud enough to drown out the cares of the world.”


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