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for April 13, 2021

Greg and Laura Fend have been Legacy Collective donors since its inception. In 2016, Laura was working in a homeless healthcare clinic, witnessing systemic issues firsthand, and wanted to make a more active difference. Call it a coincidence, but an email about Legacy Collective showed up in her email. “It was a very easy decision to join Legacy as an investor,” says Laura.

The Fend family has lived in Europe the last four and a half years with Greg serving in the United States Army. He’s currently in the process of retiring after 27 years and the family is moving to Pennsylvania where Greg will work for Procter and Gamble. Laura is a clinical therapist by training but has been a stay-at-home mom for the last five years to daughters Emmalyn and Eleanor.

“At this point in our life, we are proud of the fact that we are in a position to help others,” says Laura. “Even as we transition from being an active-duty military family back into civilian life, we are looking for ways to build deep roots and connections with a community, and work to make the community a better place. Our family philosophy is that our door is always open and that we never have too few seats at the table. We just keep building bigger tables.”

Greg and Laura love to travel and learn about other cultures, food and wine. In fact, they’re both starting an official wine course in April to work toward their Sommelier credentials. Once they’re back stateside, they are looking forward to hanging out with friends and family, just doing normal things like having firepits and cookouts. “I am not sure we care that much about going anywhere,” says Laura. “We just want to be with our people.”

Laura is passionate about mental health issues and women’s empowerment. “I did my doctoral dissertation on human trafficking and was fortunate enough to travel abroad and meet some survivors. I was even able to talk with some women still working in brothels. The depth of their pain but also their joy will never leave me.”

Greg is passionate about veterans and active-duty soldiers and their families.

“As a family we seek to be involved with organizations that are pursuing equality and equity, along with peaceful solutions to complicated problems,” says Laura.

The Fends have been fortunate enough to have two of the nonprofit initiatives they nominated chosen by Legacy Collective donors to receive grants, both aimed at dealing with issues stemming from abuse and the victimization of women: Stillcreek Ranch and The New Legacy Home.

“With every Legacy Collective grant cycle, we really take the time to look at who is creating a solution that is either proven or new and innovative to the issue they are tackling. We also look at who has a lot of other funding sources versus who might really be able to make a difference with Legacy grants.” 

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