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for March 15, 2021

Legacy Collective donor Vickie Cozad definitely knows where her passion lies and the cause areas that propel her to action: women’s health and education.

“I truly think that if you give women access to education and birth control, they can change the world,” says Vickie. “There’s a lot more to it than that, but lack of education and unwanted pregnancies/ reproductive health issues are some of the biggest barriers women face, and I desperately want to eliminate them.”

Vickie and her husband Tres were founding investors of Legacy Collective and have seen the organization grow and change since the early days. They live outside Baltimore, Maryland where Vickie is a full-time nurse educator at a small, liberal arts university. After working nearly eight years as a pediatric nurse, she pursued a graduate degree in Community Health Nursing when she realized she could make a bigger difference if she helped stop health problems before they started.

Vickie and Tres were initially attracted to Legacy Collective because of the variety of organizations being helped through grants and the work being done in so many different areas. She also liked knowing that their donation is combined with many others, contributing to bigger changes than they could make on their own.

“I’ve loved the grants given to Help One Now’s Family Empowerment Fund because I know that program works, and it makes such a difference in the lives of those women and their communities,” says Vickie. “But one of my favorite things is how different the grant recipients are! There is so much that needs to be done in so many different areas, and I love that we can and do help organizations from a variety of backgrounds and causes. I am constantly introduced to new people and organizations working to solve systemic problems and I love being able to support them in that pursuit.”

Looking to the future, she can’t wait to get back to traveling. Last January, before COVID locked everything down, Vickie had the opportunity to take 12 students to Ecuador to learn about healthcare in a foreign setting. They got to see first-hand how the healthcare system is different in other countries. “Healthcare in the US is more politicized than I think it should be, but I was really proud of the conversations we could have about it in a different setting- and all of the students walked away with a different perspective on the role of healthcare in our everyday lives.”

And where’s the next travel destination? “Tres and I typically explore new parts of the country regularly. I don’t even have a specific location picked out, I just want to get on an airplane and stay in a hotel!” – Vickie Cozad

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