New Legacy Collective Grants Approved!


for May 9, 2017

It is our great honor to announce two new Legacy Collective grant recipients!

The collective has approved grants to two incredible organizations who were submitted for funding directly by Legacy Collective Partners and Investors!

This round we will be awarding $62k and $15k grants to the organizations selected.

Your generosity has made this possible and we are honored to support these change makers:

Help One Now: Ethiopia Family Empowerment Program

Legacy Collective’s support of this initiative would focus on family empowerment in Ethiopia. Our founders have seen this program first hand, it works. Families are taken through a 9-step program designed by the local Ethiopian leadership. They are vetted, assessed, prepared, trained and launched into a viable business. The whole process costs an average of $1,000 per family, but at the end the family is self-sustained. We have met women who went from living on less than $2/day to earning $10-$14/day after just a few months, allowing them to care for their own children and invest in their community. We have even met women who went through the program, opened their business, and then began employing others as their business grew! The ripple effect is remarkable. This initiative is a sustainable solution to the cycle of extreme poverty. It is led by indigenous, Gospel-centered community leaders. It extends dignity to those involved, and the the cost to impact ratio is incredible.

The $62k grant will provide the funds necessary to empower up to 50 Ethiopian families and cover the salary of an indigenous program director for HON’s local partner in Ethiopia!

Miss Understanding: Two Faiths, One Friendship 

The Two Faiths, One Friendship initiative seeks to bring about peace and mutual understanding between Muslim and Christian communities through grassroots efforts led by members of both communities. We seek to achieve this peace through mixers bringing large groups of the two communities together, connecting churches and mosques, and training Muslims and Christians in grassroots peace building.

The problem we are seeking to address is the current and growing distance between Muslim and Christian communities. Given the similar values that Muslims and Christians share, we hope to utilize these shared values to begin to bridge the gaps between our communities. We are seeking to accomplish this by connecting large groups of Muslims and Christians at the individual level and mosques and churches at the communal level. Our anticipated outcome is to continually empower participants to take what they have learned and expand peace into their own communities.

In 2 years, nearly 1,000 Muslims and Christians who never met each other have been introduced to friendship. Over 300 Muslims and Christians have been trained in grass-roots peace-building principles 75 city and religious leaders are now starting their own initiatives with our continued coaching.

The grant of $15k will help increase the amount of mixers to twelve over the course of the year in four different locations, sixteen Peacebuilding Training sessions in four locations, 150 Meet-Your-Neighbor dinners at Christmas and Ramadan. Creation and dissemination of video training materials to expand our peacebuilding efforts around the world.



Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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