Highlighting non-profits making sustainable impacts on systemic issues around the world.

We bring impactful stories of organizations and their clients to you each week as well as ways to support them as a volunteer and financially.




Having lived on all four sides of the country and landing back in Austin, TX, Erin Arnheim is now the CEO of Legacy Collective. When she isn’t working, she is volunteering with teenage girls in the foster care system, Facetiming with her nieces and nephews, traveling the world, eating her heart out along the way, and taking incredible photographs to document the memories. Erin has a passion for encouraging high school and college students through college persistence programs and mentoring teenagers in the foster care system.


Born and raised in south Georgia, now living in Austin, TX, Candace Collins is a mom and self-proclaimed foodie. When she isn’t in the kitchen trying out a new recipe with her daughter, she is spending her time writing, public speaking and jamming out to any 80’s playlist she can find. Candace has a heart for reaching and impacting future generations, helping them realize their potential as well as inspiring and encouraging fellow single moms on their motherhood journey.


Erin & Candace were volunteering at a singles conference and met in line waiting for BBQ at a food truck. After a great conversation, they met for coffee a few weeks later, and as they say the rest is history! Their friendship is one of encouragement and collaboration. And they look forward to coming together to bring you incredible stories from organizations making deep innovative impacts on systemic issues from around the world!

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INTERVIEWED: Rwenshaun Miller, Psychotherapist and Founder

Eustress, Inc. was born out of the desire to bring awareness to the importance of acknowledging, improving, and preserving mental health in the Black community. Today, we sit down with Rwenshaun Miller, psychotherapist and founder of Eustress Inc., to learn about how he has used his own story to dedicate his life and career to assisting others with mental health. Join us as we learn more about Rwenshaun’s story, the impact of Eustress, and discover ways for our listeners to get involved!


INTERVIEWED: Yolanda Fields, Executive Director

Breakthrough is a faith-based, nonprofit in Chicago with a hyper-local 40-block focus that partners with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills, and open doors of opportunity. Today, we sit down with Yolanda Fields, their new Executive Director, to learn about how they provide a myriad of services focused on a profoundly simple formula: people first. Join us as we learn more about Yolanda’s story, the impact of Breakthrough, and discover ways for our listeners to get involved!


INTERVIEWED: Kim Bandy, Co-Founder & Director and Sang Rem, Former Refugee & Director of Student Support 

The Spero Project welcomes resettled refugees in Oklahoma City.  Today, we sit down with Kim Bandy, Co-Founder and Director, as well as Sang Rem, a former refugee and current Director of Student Support.  We learn about the incredible work taking place at the Spero Project, we are able to better understand the refugee experience and current crisis through Sang’s impactful story of coming to the United States from Burma, and we discover ways for our listeners to get involved!


INTERVIEWED: Liyah K. Brown, Legal Director of Criminal Injustice Program

Texas Civil Rights Project are Texas lawyers and advocates boldly serving the movement for equality and justice. They envision a Texas where all communities thrive with dignity and justice, and without fear.  Liyah K. Brown, Director of Criminal Injustice Reform, manages the team executing this mission inside and outside of federal and local Texas courtrooms.  Today, we learn about the great impact Liyah and TCRP are making in communities across Texas and discover ways for our listeners to get involved!


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