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We are the ones we've been waiting for

We know the struggles are real and times are challenging in Middle Tennessee. Because we feel it, too. Even in the midst of what’s happening around us, there is hope to be found in coming together to invest in our future.

Whether you were born here or chose to move here, the Nashville area is the place we call “home.” And at ReImagine Nashville, we believe in creating a home that’s welcoming, inclusive, and equitable for all.

Founded in 2021 by a committed group of Nashvillians, we are focused on creating a more equitable, just, and inclusive community. We are regular people focused on creating systemic change by supporting traditionally under resourced groups making a difference in our community.


Amplify Your Impact

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or concerned citizen, we know the demands on your time are great. Through ReImagine Nashville, you can take action through the power of giving by joining like-minded parents and people who are donating to our Giving Circle.

The ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle combines the monthly investments (whether $25 or $2,500+) of donors like you. By pooling our investments, we can make a larger impact within Nashville.


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Join the ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle

Every Donor Has Flexibility in How They Give

Legacy Collective offers the convenience of giving online with a credit card through the links below thanks to our partners at Pure Charity. You can also establish monthly ACH payments through the links below on the 1st and 15th of each month. You have the option during enrollment of covering the 5% processing fee through Pure Charity.

You are also able to give directly to Legacy Collective and save the 5% processing fee so that those funds can be used towards grants given to our nonprofit partners. If you are interested in paying with a check, setting up monthly bill pay, a monthly ACH on a different time of the month, or wiring funds, please email so that we can share our banking information with you.

All Giving Levels

  • Nominate nonprofits for grants twice a year
  • Vote on approved nominated nonprofits in each grant round
  • Follow what projects have been funded and see the impact made
  • Receive Recording of Annual Town Hall Meeting with Legacy Collective Leadership Team
  • Invitation to Virtual Quarterly Dinner ‘n Learns






  • Invitation to Live Recording of Annual Town Hall Meeting with Legacy Collective Leadership Team


  • Invitation to the Legacy Gatherings with the ability to purchase (2) tickets


  • (1) Free ticket to the Legacy Gatherings and the option to purchase (1) ticket for a guest


  • (2) Free tickets to the Legacy Gatherings and the option to purchase (2) ticket for guests
  • Invitation to annual DREAM Meeting with the Legacy Board & Leadership Team


  • (4) Free tickets to the Legacy Gatherings
  • (2) Free tickets to VIP Hour with Legacy CEO, Chair, Co-Founder & Nonprofit Speakers Prior to Gathering
  • Invitation to annual DREAM Meeting with the Legacy Board & Leadership Team



ReImagine Nashville Upcoming Grant Rounds

Corporate Sponsorships

If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please contact


1. What’s a Giving Circle?

It’s a community of like-minded people who come together to give, learn, and collectively issue grants to nonprofits.

2. Who is Legacy Collective?

Legacy Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s been gathering communities of passionate givers for more than seven years. Since 2015, they’ve raised more than $7 million to fund 212 grants to help 143 nonprofits across 5 continents, 21 countries, and 28 US states — addressing 20+ critical cause areas.

3. How much should I give?

Suggested giving levels for the ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle are $25/mo, $50/mo, $100/mo, $250/mo, $500/mo, and $1,000/mo. However, everyone is welcome to give at a level that works best for them.

4. Can I just give one time?

The success of the ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle is in recurring, monthly donations. However, one-time donations are certainly accepted and appreciated.

5. Can I nominate an organization to receive a grant?

Yes! All current active donors of the ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle will be able to nominate and vote for nonprofits impacting the middle Tennessee area every six months.

6. I’m not a Nashville local. Can I still give?

Yes! While Nashville residents are leading the way, we invite everyone to join us.

7. What is your grant criteria?

In addition to our standard grant criteria listed here:

  • The organization is incorporated in Tennessee and primarily serves clients or has programs in Middle Tennessee.

8. How are our funds used for this giving circle?

Glad you asked!

  • 10% Administration
  • 5% Pure Charity Donation Processing Fee
  • 85% Grants

9. Privacy Policy for this Giving Circle

All donor names, contact information and donation amounts for this Giving Circle (that are not marked anonymous) will be shared with the ReImagine Nashville Founders Team to issue letters of gratitude and invitations for Giving Circle events. Please see our full privacy policy here:

ReImagine Nashville Grants

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