Summer 2016 Grant Recipient #4: Journey Into Hope, Inc

grant announcement

for July 5th, 2016 

Journey Into Hope:  Colegio Carmen de Vicuna Initiative (Dominican Republic)

Grant to be Awarded: $9,201

The Colegio Carmen de Vicuna was started in 2006. It began with a student population of 35 students K-5th grade and over the course of 10 years the school has grown to 135 students.

In 2014, a formal building was built by Journey into Hope to provide a stable home for the already existing school. Two additional classrooms are needed for our 7 classroom school that serves and educates bi-national, bi-racial, and bi-cultural students in Sabaneta de Yasica, Dominican Republic.

This initiative fits well within the vision of Legacy Collective by working to address systemic issues of poverty, illiteracy, and racial reconciliation. The conflict between Haitians and Dominicans has a long, vicious history. Haitians in the DR face a world of prejudice, hatred, poverty, and illiteracy. They are even denied citizenship and are classified as “stateless persons”(persons with no nationality). Only through education is there hope to improve and elevate the socio-economic position of the Haitian population.

Our school is unique in the DR since our student population is an equal mix of Haitians and Dominicans. This initiative also readily partners with indigenous leaders.


Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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