The Spero Project: Stand in Solidarity With the Myanmar and Burmese community

weekly update

for June 8, 2021

“On February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military enacted a coup after claiming the results of the November 8th elections to be fraudulent, a claim with no factual basis. Military leaders kidnapped and imprisoned democratically elected leaders, seized control of major infrastructure, blocked telephone and internet communications, and shut down all travel. The coup is attempting to bring an end to the fledgling democracy the country has been nurturing over the past 5 years and has set into motion a long, terrifying season of life for those facing uncertainty and violence.

Peaceful protestors asking for the recognition of the rightful winners of the election are being met with a military force that could never be justified toward civilians in any scenario. These forces consider both children and adults to be targets as they snipe into peaceful crowds, or open fire at a funeral. Over 800 innocent citizens have been killed.

Military forces have also begun terrorizing villages where no gathering is taking place, causing massive displacement and a latent sense of fear among every citizen. Are they safe in their home, their school, their church? Recently in the Sagaing Region, an elementary school was burned down and a high school was bombed. Both of these schools were ones Sang knew, attended, and cared deeply about. While gratitude prevails that the buildings were empty at the time, there have been many similar acts of violence that did not just target buildings. The intentional goal of these specific acts to destroy places of education, growth, and community-building is evident, and it is causing tens of thousands of individuals to be forced out of their lifelong villages and homes.

The Burmese community of Oklahoma City has led rallies of solidarity, raised funds, written and called their representatives, gathered to pray, and more since the coup began. And they will continue to do so until peace prevails.

We humbly invite you to stand in solidarity with this community. Stay up to date on what’s happening. Don’t let the next news cycle move us past this situation so quickly. Write your representatives to ask them to remain aware of what is happening, and to listen to the sincere requests of American citizens who are originally from Myanmar. And keep your hearts entwined with theirs by remembering, by praying, and by loving.” – The Spero Project


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