Thank You for Your Investment in the City of Baltimore!

Thank You for Supporting the City of Baltimore through our Conference Giving Circle!

The following organizations have been chosen by Visit Baltimore and thoroughly vetted by our Giving Circle partner, Legacy Collective. You may choose to give your conference’s donation to these organizations or suggest other organizations.

Organization 1

Organization 2

Organization 3

Organization 4

Organization 5

Organization 6

Add or allocate a specific dollar amount of each registration fee to the Conference Giving Circle

Make one donation via this Giving Portal at the conclusion of the conference

You choose: allocate the funds evenly between the nonprofits or have your attendees vote

Legacy Collective pays the grants to the nonprofit organizations

Would you like to set up a Giving Circle for the conferences in your city? Or for employees within your organization? Contact Whitney Otstott for more information.








What are the Admin & Operational Costs?
Admin and operational costs include Credit Card Fees,
Receipting, System Maintenance, Web Hosting, Grant Administration,
Project Vetting, Merchant costs, Administrative Support, etc.
How are the Funds Managed?
Legacy Collective has established a Donor Advised Fund with Pure Charity (a nonprofit organization) that will assist in the financial accountability, grant administration, and financial reporting.  All Legacy Collective members will have visibility to the disbursement of grants and special project funds via their Member Dashboard, and Legacy Collective will produce an Annual Report reporting financial activity.


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