for June 25, 2015

Just a few short years ago, Brandon and I didn’t really care about the poor. We didn’t even know any. I mean, sure, we felt bad when we saw commercials or heard a missionary at a conference, but we were way too busy blessing blessed people to worry about that.

Then God leveled our lives to the very ground, and we inherited a different problem:

We cared too much.

We meant to only care a little, or just about one category at any rate, but the crazy thing about opening your eyes to the marginalized is that you can see them all. You meant to only see the abandoned children but you accidentally see their economically disadvantaged parents. You planned to just address the regular homeless guy on the corner but you soon crash headlong into the under-resourced mentally ill. We said yes to kids and then adopted their whole communities. We committed to local and fell in love with the whole world.

As it turned out, everyone matters.

So we’ve spent the last 8 years banging the drum, taking trips, advocating for the poor, pushing for sponsorships, asking for donors, fundraising for new schools, hollering across all our networks for investors, contributors, givers, suppliers, backers, providers, and believers for children, mamas, parents, victims, local leaders, the hungry, the unemployed, the homeless, the sick, the abandoned, the abused.

And maybe, just a teeny bit, we wore everyone out.

Because we had to start from scratch every single time: here are the people, here is the community, here is the need, here is the deficit, here is the local leader, here is the organization, here is what we can do. Repeat, give everyone a breather, change the details, repeat.

So over a year ago, Brandon and I started dreaming about a different way to care, a way that built on momentum and community without pressing restart every single time. A way to mobilize good people around injustices without giving them compassion fatigue. We wondered if we could build a tribe that was constantly at Stage Eight instead of Stage One, where we were financially and socially mobilized at all times. What would it look like to form a collective of committed partners across various financial levels that would load an enormous giving gun together every month and take aim at the systemic social issues we care about?

Enter: The Legacy Collective.

The premise is simple: for as little as $10 a month, you join our giving community, and we pool all the monthly investments and transform a bunch of small individual streams into a mighty river of justice.

We start with three primary systemic issues:

  1. Orphan prevention and economic empowerment
  2. Sustainable housing and community for the homeless
  3. Child trafficking rescue and prevention

These initiatives are both domestic and international and include:

  • Fighting for first families
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Healthcare
  • Child & family sponsorships
  • Job training
  • Sustainable employment
  • Community development
  • Micro-homes for the disabled and chronically homeless
  • Teacher salaries at a school serving rescued trafficked victims
  • Financial support to high-capacity local leaders

Every partnering nonprofit, organization, leader, and initiative has been exhaustively vetted by the LC Advisory Board which includes us, Willie and Korie Robertson, Scott and Tracie Hamilton, John and Kari Sowers, and TJ and Lana Horlacher. Every LC project has strict requirements for sustainability, highly competent local leadership, and measurable effectiveness. We are crazy obsessed with helping and not hurting, adhering to community development best practices, and the highest standards for partnerships and accountability. We believe every dollar is a war against injustice, and we are committed to maximizing every last penny to the highest good.

It gets even better.

We have big dreams for the Legacy Collective. We are pioneering three phases, the first which includes building the financial base through our tribe of givers. That’s right now. That’s you. And it matters so much. Do you know how many smart, educated, innovators are already on the ground but simply lack funding? Dollars change lives when put in the right hands.We are not reinventing the wheel; we are funding proven wheels already off the production line.

Once established, our second phase includes developing a database of doers from within the tribe: filmmakers, architects, lawyers, doctors, business thinkers, creatives, teachers, artists, writers, contractors, musicians, lovers of people. Not only will we pool our financial resources but our talents and gifts, our passions and skills. Can you imagine? You have so much to offer. We start with our checkbooks but end up with our lives.

Our third phase focuses on influencers as you leverage your own platforms and invite new partners. This will include vision trips, connections with our local leaders, blog tours, summits, all kinds of awesome.

The dreams go on. We envision not just a loose tribe of givers but a real community. We are planning toward regional leadership with gatherings and local meetups for project nominations. We are dreaming up LC dinners and affinity-based subcommunities. We are developing an entire giving branch for grants where folks can apply and our reach of hope can expand even further. Basically, we see this as a whole big thing.

And it really can be. Imagine if only 500 people joined at $20 a month. Already, we would load the giving gun with $10,000 a month. That is some hefty ammunition. The beauty is, the gun is automatically reloaded every single month. It replenishes without going through the Big Explanation and Big Ask every four weeks. Start of the month: BAM, we have tens of thousands of dollars to distribute. We’re going to make it rain hope and justice and sustainable empowerment.

Join the Legacy Collective

You can join as members for as little as $10 a month.

You can hop in as partners for $100 a month or more.

You will be considered an investor at $250 a month or more, which includes an annual Vision Dinner at our house with the Advisory Board.

To celebrate the launch of Legacy, we are throwing a party. At our house. Yes I am serious. It will look like this: We will randomly select 20 members to invite, the first 40 partners & a random 10 of the next 40 to sign up all get invitations, and every single investor is welcomed not only to the party but a private lunch with the board that day. It is August 22nd at the Hatmaker Farmhouse and it is going to be so epic, you don’t even know, man. The entire board will be here plus live music, sponsors, killer food, surprises. It will almost make up for the Texas heat.

We will throw this Legacy party every single year, because we honestly believe you’re going to change thousands of lives. Brandon and I see this as our life’s work and we are dreaming audacious, outrageous dreams. We are building on these beautiful words spoken by Robert Kennedy at the University of Cape Town in 1966:

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

A monthly investment is just a tiny ripple, but may they cross each other from a million points of daring and turn into a mighty river of justice in our generation. May generosity, hope, and unity be our legacy.


Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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