Winter 2017 Grant Recipient: A Kid Again

grant announcement 

for January 20, 2017

A Kid Again is specifically designed to involve the entire family (not just the child who is ill) to improve the wellbeing of everyone affected by the situation. The families who participate in A Kid Again give back as much as they receive by connecting with each other and sharing their own stories of strength and encouragement.

Year ‘round fun-filled adventures that allow children with life-threatening conditions to feel like A Kid Again. A Kid Again works to create a communal and interactive environment. Their program establishes ongoing, nurturing experiences that complement but do not overtake their day-to-day living.

They accomplish this mission through the dedication of their volunteer network and the generosity of our donors. They strive to go beyond activities, providing comprehensive, practical support to help families cope with the extended effects of life-threatening conditions.


Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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