A New Kind of
Giving Community

Legacy Collective

The Legacy Collective is a new kind of Giving Community
focused on partnering, pioneering, and funding sustainable
solutions to systemic social issues.


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“Phase One” of Legacy Collective
will focus on building a financial base by developing a tribe of givers.

“Phase Two” of Legacy Collective
will focus on building an extensive database of doers, from filmmakers to architects,
to lawyers and business minds, we each have something to offer.

“Phase Three” of Legacy Collective
will focus on Influencers. We believe that with influence comes responsibility.
Legacy Collective dreams of being a developing tribe of world changers.

Our Impact

We are committed to funding sustainable solutions to systemic issues.

Since August 2015, Legacy Collective has donated



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“Need is everywhere, yet too often

we fail to see it. If we don’t see it,

we won’t be bothered by it.  If we’re not

bothered by it, we won’t engage it. By

our neglect, we become the oppressor.”

― Brandon Hatmaker

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