A New Kind of
Giving Community

Legacy Collective

The Legacy Collective is a new kind of Giving Community
focused on partnering, pioneering, and funding sustainable
solutions to systemic social issues.


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“Phase One” of Legacy Collective
will focus on building a financial base by developing a tribe of givers.

“Phase Two” of Legacy Collective
will focus on building an extensive database of doers, from filmmakers to architects,
to lawyers and business minds, we each have something to offer.

“Phase Three” of Legacy Collective
will focus on Influencers. We believe that with influence comes responsibility.
Legacy Collective dreams of being a developing tribe of world changers.

Our Causes

Orphan Prevention

In partnership with Kidmia Orphans we will engage issues of poverty as a form of orphan prevention that will include reunification, vulnerable family sponsorships, job training, and local community development efforts.

sustainable housing

In partnership with Community First in Austin, Texas we will help provide support and sustainable housing for disabled and chronically homeless as part of a 27-acre master-planned community.


child trafficking

In partnership with Help One Now, we will provide teachers salaries in Ferrier Village, a refuge in Haiti along the Dominican border for high risk and orphaned children who have been rescued from traffickers.


Our Impact

We are committed to make a tangible difference in the partners and places we invest Legacy Collective funds. Therefore, we report exactly where every dollar is invested so you can see how together we are making an impact.

Since August 2015 we have been able to support and make financial commitments of


to the following initiatives dedicated to sustainable solutions in our key focus causes

Funded & Current Initiatives

“Sometimes I would like to ask God
why He allows poverty, suffering,
and injustice when He could
do something about it.
But, I’m afraid He would
ask me the same question.”

― From Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker

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