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How often do you look around at what’s happening in the world and wonder how you can help affect change? As part of Legacy Collective, there is something we can do… together.


Support the Causes that Matter to You

With so many issues affecting us locally and globally, it’s often challenging to know how you can make a difference. Legacy Collective is a giving community of socially-minded people, who like you, are concerned about creating an equitable, sustainable future for all.

We work to solve systemic issues by aligning with and supporting the nonprofits that are doing the work to make a difference, every single day.

Over $7 Million Raised (and Counting)

Since 2015, we have funded 189 grants to help 128 nonprofits across 5 continents, 19 countries, and 28 states — addressing 20+ critical cause areas.


“I appreciate that they vet groups they work with and that Legacy Collective provides ways to maximize giving and support.”

Legacy Partner, Joined 2020


"With Legacy Collective, I can trust that my donation is going towards creating a world that is just, equal and equitable to all, even me as a donor.”

Legacy Partner, Joined 2015


“I love the collective model, with many contributing to do bigger things than they could do alone. I love the approach to solving systemic issues.”
Legacy Investor, Joined 2022


“I joined because I wanted to be a part of an organization where I have a say and can see the results of our giving.”
Legacy Investor, Joined 2021
What We Stand For


Legacy Collective works to solve systemic issues by funding the most sustainable, innovative efforts through partnerships with nonprofit organizations locally and globally.


The vision of Legacy Collective is to build a giving community that makes an ongoing impact around the world.

How Giving Circles Work

Together, We Can Do More

When you join Legacy Collective, you become an active member of a Giving Circle. Giving Circles combine the monthly, individual investments of donors like you to make an even larger collective impact.

Each Giving Circle focuses on supporting nonprofits working every day to solve
the issues you care most about — from foster care, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ causes to local issues like housing and food insecurity.

But at Legacy, giving is just the beginning. As an active donor, you are also an essential part of the funding process and voting for the organizations your dollars support.


Be part of a wholehearted, like-minded community in action.

Broad Social Causes

Legacy Giving Circle

LGBTQ+ Focused Action

Mama Bear Giving Circle

Employee Driven

Corporate Giving Circle

Local Nonprofits

City Giving Circle


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“May generosity, hope, and unity be our legacy.”

Jen HatmakerCo-Founder & Chief Outreach Officer

Make a Greater Impact

Join Forces & Global Efforts

Legacy Collective partners with aligned nonprofits and amplifies the power of giving, collectively. Through our Giving Circles, Disaster Relief Funds, and our Sustainability Fund, we can help to improve the lives of our neighbors both locally and globally, together.