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So glad you're here

We're so grateful for your partnership!

The following guidelines are intended to help you promote and share the amazing work your organization is doing with Legacy Collective.

Utilizing Logos

Using the Legacy Collective Logos

Please include one of our logos when you post to social media, your newsletter, and any other platforms.

To download the logos below, click on the category, and download the pdf document. Open the pdf and right click on any logo to save the file.


Legacy Collective Logos


Mama Bears Logos


ReImagine Nashville Logos
Connect With Our Community

Social Media Posts

You may share our posts or create your own. If you are a grant recipient, please wait for Legacy to share the great news first, and please share our post or create your own in the time specified in your grant agreement.

Please be sure to tag Legacy Collective and use the following hashtags in your post: #LegacyCollective #LegacyCollectiveGivesBack

Legacy Collective social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.


Help Us Spread the Word

Would you be willing to help us spread the word about Legacy Collective?

Here are some ideas:
• Include us in your newsletter
• Do you have a podcast? We’d love to be a guest!
• Does your organization host any type of event we can be a part of? May be virtual or in-person.

Have other ideas? Let us know! Email

Sharing Your Impact Story

Creating Thank You and Story Telling Videos

If you are a grant recipient, please refer to your grant agreement for guidelines regarding due dates and recording lengths for story telling and thank you videos.

Story telling videos should tell a compelling story including providing the background on your organization, detailed information about the project funded, and what impact the grant had on those your organization serves. The end of the video should thank the Legacy Collective Donor Community. Sharing a specific person’s story of impact is a great way to tell the story. You can find examples on our Vimeo page.

Email with any questions.