A new kind of giving community made up of people like you that are combining their resources to make a global impact.



We value people and we value community

We have each had the opportunity to partner with so many great organizations over the years doing amazing work. With each effort, trip, and donation we’ve been able to meet some of the most amazing people. Each project came with a new group of people, equally as amazing as the last. We value people and we value community. But we can’t help but feel like over the years we’ve lost the opportunity to deepen those relationships and at the same time strengthen our collective efforts. We began to wonder how we could build on those relationships to do more? How can we “keep going” instead of starting over each time? Then the Legacy Collective came to mind. What if we created a new kind of giving community? What if we didn’t have to start over? What if we could make a one-time commitment to making an ongoing difference? What would that look like? So we got together with our friends at Pure Charity and began to dream about the idea. What they came up with was a concept called “Giving Circles.” Giving circles gives us the platform to not only give, but helps us pool together with other like-minded people to learn, grow, and give as a part of community. It gives us the platform for conversation, questions, and a place for organizing new partnerships without starting over when the project is done.


The vision of Legacy Collective is to create a new kind of giving community that makes an ongoing difference.


Legacy Collective works to engage systemic problems related to social issues by resourcing what we believe to be the most innovative efforts and funding the most critical projects.

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The Legacy Collective is led by a collaborative team that is charged with finding the most innovative and effective partnerships making a sustainable difference around the globe. They hold the authority to approve grant distribution for additional requested projects by our partners that will be funded by 25% of our overall Investor giving and 15% of our Partner giving. In addition to a commitment to utilize their influence to serve the Legacy Collective Tribe, the Legacy Collective Board is also responsible for providing regular accountability for processes and future Legacy Collective commitments.

Brandon & Jen Hatmaker (Co-Founders)


Steven & Liz Coufal

TJ & Lana Horlacher

Aaron & Whitney Otstott

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David M. & Joy Bailey

Amy Chandy

Mike Rusch

B.T. Harman