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Amplify Your Generosity

Join our community of Giving Circles

The Legacy Collective community is made up of individual givers who come together in Giving Circles. Each Giving Circle combines their monthly investments to collectively fund innovative, sustainable solutions to systemic issues. Since 2015, we’ve raised more than $6 million:

  • 165+ grants
  • 115+ nonprofits
  • 27 states, 18 countries, 5 continents
  • 20+ cause areas
Make an Impact

Disaster Relief Fund

Join efforts for life-saving aid & relief

When the world needs help and people are in immediate need, our Legacy Collective Disaster Relief Fund answers the call. Together, we partner with aligned nonprofits who are fully vetted and doing boots-on-the-ground work – and we amplify the power of giving, collectively. Your one-time or monthly donation will directly support our current disaster relief funds.

Support Sustainability

Sustainability Fund

Together, we will leave a legacy

We thank you in advance for your one-time or monthly gift to our Sustainability Fund! This helps with the operational needs of Legacy Collective as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax identification number 87-1730864.