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Schedule for 2023 Grant Cycles

What you need to know about our Grant Process

How does the grant process work?


Who can nominate nonprofits for grants from the Legacy Collective Giving Circle?

Any current Legacy Collective active monthly donor giving $100+/month can nominate a nonprofit for a grant during an open grant cycle.

How often can nonprofits be nominated for grants from the Legacy Collective Giving Circle?

  • Nonprofits can be nominated once every 12 months for a grant. Whether they win or lose the vote, they must wait 1 year to be renominated to allow for other organizations to go through the process as well.
  • Nonprofits can win grants from Legacy 2 years in a row, but then they must sit out an entire calendar year following the second win before being nominated again. For example, if a nonprofit wins a grant in 2019 and 2020, they can not be nominated in 2021. However, they can be nominated again in 2022.
  • These policies do not apply for grants given to nonprofits through the Corporate Giving Circles, City Giving Circles, Disaster Relief Funds, or special fundraising campaigns. These policies only apply to the nomination and voting process within the Legacy Giving Circle.

What criteria are evaluated when Legacy Collective considers a nonprofit for a grant?

  • The nonprofit must be a qualified 501c3 not-for-profit organization in good standing with the IRS.
  • The grant must address a systemic issue with a sustainable and innovative solution.
  • The organization prohibits discrimination of any type protected by federal, state, or local laws in their hiring practices, employment practices, and client services.
  • The organization promotes a diverse & inclusive culture.
  • The grant request demonstrates that the funding will move the organizational mission forward during a startup or program expansion phase.
  • The grant request provides clear budget requirements and timeline milestones for progress towards the stated objective.
  • The organization is able to provide progress updates and initiative completion reporting, pictures/video, or site visits.
  • The organization’s most recently filed 990 is reviewed and a document retention policy is required.

What information is required on the application?

  • Contact information for the Legacy Collective sponsor submitting the application
  • Contact information for the nonprofit grant application submitter
  • Cause area (ie. education, racial justice, etc.)
  • Date that funds are needed by
  • Description of initiative
  • Initiative impact
  • Initiative sustainability
  • Related links to the nonprofit initiative
  • City, state, country
  • Funding amount requested
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policy for hiring, employment, and client services
  • Any additional documents needed (ie. budget, annual report, etc.)
  • Most recently filed Form 990

Who can vote on which nonprofits receive grants?

All currently active Legacy Collective monthly donors.

Disaster Disbursement Policy

  • Unlike our Giving Circle Grant process, there are times when Legacy Collective raises funds for disaster relief efforts. In those circumstances, Legacy Collective chooses the nonprofits that the funds will benefit, we fully vet the organizations, and we disburse the funds as quickly as possible. In certain relief efforts, all funds will be paid immediately and in other instances, some of the funding will be held to disburse periodically throughout the recovery effort of the disaster. All funds raised under a disaster relief effort will be used solely for that effort. Ninety percent of all funds go directly to the organizations benefitting from the fundraising efforts.
  • Legacy will hold up to 2 disaster relief fundraisers per year with one focused domestically and one internationally.
  • We will focus on needs arising from natural disasters or war/civil unrest.
  • We will be intentional in supporting nonprofits through the disaster relief funds that focus on addressing systemic issues in the disaster relief zone whenever possible.