The Legacy Collective community is made up of givers who come together and nominate nonprofits for grants that are addressing systemic issues with sustainable innovative solutions. We then vote on who receives the funding and give grants to incredible nonprofits around the world!




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Second Chance Grants

Second Chance Grants are a way for us to come together as a community above and beyond our monthly giving to support specific grants and cause areas we are passionate about.

Donors on the Visionary Level will have an opportunity to designate half of their annual giving into a fund where they can allocate it toward Second Chance Grants as they prefer. They will be contacted directly on those specific amounts each round.

All other active Legacy Giving Circle monthly donors will be invited to participate following the vote count each grant round to give above their monthly amounts in a one-time gift in our Second Change Grant Fund and those funds will be given toward the next 2 grants in the voting round that we were not able to financially pay from the Legacy Giving Circle that grant round.

For example, a grant round could have 10 nonprofits go through the voting process. We may have enough funds to pay down the top 6. We would email the community after the vote count and say “For the next 3 days, you have the opportunity to give to this specific fund through a one-time donation and those funds will be used to pay down these two additional grants.” So in this round, if there was a grant addressing chronic homelessness and another grant addressing foster care and you are very passionate about foster care, you might choose to give above and beyond in this round. Or, you might not be interested in these areas or organizations, and you may choose to pass for this specific Second Chance Grant Round.

If more money is given than needed in the Second Chance Grant round, it will roll over to the next round and stay in this fund.

Legacy Collective will not deduct any funding for Operating or Administrative costs for donations towards Second Chance Grants. Pure Charity does charge a 5% fee on all donations, but the entire remaining 95% will go straight toward the Second Chance Grants Fund.

If you have any questions on Second Chance Grants, please email Erin Arnheim


If you would like to make a One-Time Donation to Legacy Collective, follow the button below for instructions.



What are the Admin & Operational Costs?

Admin and operational costs include Credit Card Fees,
Receipting, System Maintenance, Web Hosting, Grant Administration,
Project Vetting, Merchant costs, Administrative Support, etc.

How are the Funds Managed?

Legacy Collective has established a Donor Advised Fund with Pure Charity (a nonprofit organization) that will assist in the financial accountability, grant administration, and financial reporting.  All Legacy Collective members will have visibility to the disbursement of grants and special project funds via their Member Dashboard, and Legacy Collective will produce an Annual Report reporting financial activity.



Legacy Collective is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 87-1730864. You can find us on Guidestar here

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