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Meet Jacey

This month, the 12th AG member we are highlighting is Jacey Goerlitz Randall (she/her)!

She is a generous member of our community who is truly passionate about giving. We are so excited for you to learn more about her!

How has being a part of the 12th AG community encouraged you?

It can be tough to wake up everyday to the next headline about anti-DEI policies aiming to harm our communities and spaces of higher education. 12th Ag reminds me that there are members of my Aggie community who believe that leading with equity is paramount to a thriving community.

What does it mean to you to be committed to creating a community that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive?

As a Queer woman, community has always been vital to my ability to thrive and move through my life with support, love, and care. In my personal and professional life, I continue to advocate for the most vulnerable and marginalized. When we advocate for community-centered solutions that center diversity, equity, and inclusion – we are fighting for love, safety, and the ability for our communities to thrive.

What motivates you to contribute as part of a collective group, rather than solely as an individual?

Community care is something that I’ve centered in my life for several years now. I don’t believe that we are meant to move through this life alone. We are cooperative beings. I don’t believe in hierarchies – I believe we are all part of one circle. Sometimes we give, sometimes we have to take. Community is sacred and I am thankful to be a part of this one.

Share your experience!

If you or a 12th AG member you know is interested in being our Spotlight Member of the month, we would love to connect! Please note that Spotlight Members may be anonymous if this makes the person sharing more comfortable. It is important to us that we honor the privacy of those in our community. To get involved please email us at We appreciate you sharing your journeys with us!

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