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On November 16, 2023, clients of Discover Atlanta came together at Hell’s Kitchen in Washington D.C. at the UpNext Atlanta event.

While attending the event, they had the opportunity to learn more about our first ever City Giving Circle partnership with Discover Atlanta and how they can incorporate the circle at their events in Atlanta to support the nonprofits in the Atlanta City Giving Circle. Attendees then had the opportunity to vote for a $1,000 grant to be issued to one of the nonprofit partners in the Atlanta City Giving Circle.

BeLoved Atlanta won the vote of the event attendees and received $1,000 thanks to the generosity of Discover Atlanta and Legacy Collective to further their mission of supporting women surviving forced prostitution by providing safe homes and a two-year restoration program.

We are grateful for our partnerships with Discover Atlanta and Beloved Atlanta! TOGETHER, we will make a greater impact!