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We are excited to announce that we are granting another $13,200 to Love Does from the Afghanistan & Ukraine Relief Funds!

Love Does has been fighting for human rights, caring for the vulnerable and providing education to children in conflict zones for over 15 years.

$2,200 from our Afghanistan Relief Fund will go to support the Love Does school in Afghanistan. It will help children in Afghanistan with schooling and food.

$11,000 from our Ukraine Relief Fund will help Love Does start a school for the 7500 Ukrainian refugees in the Expo Center in Warsaw. The school systems are overwhelmed in Poland because of the influx of refugees. Public school classes have tripled in size and children in refugee centers are without school altogether. They are hiring fully accredited teachers sensitive to kids who have experienced trauma and is planning to enroll over 100 children who would otherwise have no other schooling, consistent routines, or guidance/care in their lives.