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We are excited to announce that we are granting $1,500 to Helping Hand Home for Children from the Miura Group Corporate Giving Circle!

Helping Hand Home for Children provides a nurturing and therapeutic home for children to restore each child to a healthy family setting. They believe that each child deserves a loving and permanent home. Their goal is to protect and restore the lives of victimized children, so that those without hope can reclaim their futures. They enrich, educate and empower through loving care, professional treatment and innovative services that heal.

The $1,500 grant will support enrichment needs for children. These activities are an instrumental component of our children’s treatment plan at Helping Hand Home. The children rarely have had normalized recreational experiences in their past and little to no exposure to social skill-centered activities such as organized sports, dance classes, art classes, and language lessons. At Helping Hand Home, they truly believe this is the most important part of the children’s growth to normalize their childhoods. Funding for this area also includes training for their therapist and staff. This program provides a higher level of life skills education and behavior intervention services.

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