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Meet Tay

This month, the ReImagine Nashville member we are highlighting is Tay Gibson! She is a thoughtful and compassionate leader and native Nashvillian. Plus, she is a part of the ReImagine Nashville founding crew! We are excited for you to learn more about her!

Why did you originally join ReImagine Nashville?

As a native Nashvillian (Yep- I’m a unicorn around these parts.), I was sold on the idea the moment I heard it from Jacki. It’s all about regular people investing in the tomorrow we would all like to see. I have four amazing children and I want them to have the opportunity to grow and live in a community that is inclusive and kind.

How has being a part of the ReImagine Nashville Giving Community encouraged you?

We started off as this little group of women planning and dreaming in Jacki’s attack office. At our first official event, which sold out, we found ourselves in a room full of people who were just as passionate about creating a better community as we were. We continue to see friends, neighbors and like-minded organizations join in our cause and mission.

What does it mean to you to be committed to creating a community that is equitable, just, and inclusive?

Part of the impetus for the creation of this group was to provide a vehicle whereby individuals could act on their beliefs. Members of our collective vigorously work to create an equitable, just and inclusive community by giving their their time, talent and financial resources. It’s not done for likes on social media or to elevate anyone’s status; we do the work because it matters.

What motivates you to contribute as part of a collective group, rather than solely as an individual?

There is a huge sense of belonging to give as a community toward a collective goal. At times, it felt isolating to watch and read the news of on-going events and not have a tangible way to elevate the voices of individuals whose perspectives desperately needed to be heard. My family contributes what we can to Reimagine Nashville; those funds are pooled and multiplied by other supporters which enables us to have a much greater impact on the non-profits we support.

What inspired you to focus your financial contributions towards achieving racial equity in the Middle Tennessee area?

I was born in area code 37208 which is a historically black neighborhood located in North Nashville. At one point that zip had the highest incarceration rate in the county. The neighborhood in this zip code is still struggling to overcome the injustices of systemic racism such as the over policing of black and brown communities. As a black mother, raising black children, I want my children and others like them to have access to the same resources and opportunities as their peers without fear of exclusion or tokenism.

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