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This past weekend, our community gathered to celebrate a year of positive impact. We had the opportunity to surprise the nonprofits with $15,000 granted from the Legacy Collective Giving Circle! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, each of the three nonprofits received $5,000 to continue their amazing work.

Affirming Youth Ministries: Affirming Youth Ministries offers community and support to Christian youth and young adults through weekly gatherings, virtual community, and resources. They also offer resources to adults seeking to educate themselves in order to support young queer people in their lives. Through their work, they aim to center mental health, anti-racist practices, and intersectionality so that participants may see the fullness of everyone’s humanity and God’s grace and love.

Café Momentum Nashville: Café Momentum is an award-winning restaurant and culinary training facility. They aim to transform young lives by equipping Nashville’s justice-involved youth with life skills, education and employment opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. In building Café Momentum, their primary goal is to build a sustainable model that provides justice-impacted youth (ages 15-19) with the holistic support they need to TRULY THRIVE.

Friends of San Quentin News: Friends of San Quentin News is a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit organization that seeks to humanize those stigmatized by incarceration and to empower them to build and run their own media platforms so that their true voices are heard. Society and the media are dominated by negative portrayals of the incarcerated. They seek to counter the prevailing narrative by elevating the stories of this marginalized community engaged in its collective rehabilitation and professional achievement, which reduces recidivism and promotes public safety. By faithfully documenting their successes, challenges, and struggles for fairness within the confines of incarceration, policymakers and the public can see the incarcerated in a new light that inspires hope in the opportunity for redemption and restoration.