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This past weekend our community gathered together to celebrate a year of positive impact and hear from the wonderful leaders of our nonprofit partners; Liz Dyer, Founder of Mama Bears, Solomon Burchfield, Program Director of New Beginnings NWA, and Elizabeth Elango, CEO and Head of School of Global Village Project. We had the opportunity to surprise the nonprofits with $15,000 granted from the Legacy Collective Giving Circle! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, each of the three nonprofits have recieved $5,000 to continue their amazing work.

Real Mama Bears: Founder of Mama Bears, Liz Dyer, leads an online community of 40,000+ moms who come together to love, support, and empower parents of LGBTQ+ youth and the LGBTQ+ community. The community encourages every parent with a LGBTQ+ child to fully affirm and celebrate their child as they are.

New Beginnings: New Beginnings operates a bridge housing community to help Northwest Arkansas end homelessness. We welcome people who have experienced long-term homelessness or face complex barriers to regaining housing into our safe, supportive living environment. In our program we promote physical, mental, spiritual well-being and provide housing-focused support to help each person move into a place of their own. In our community, we advocate for the expansion of supportive housing options and join efforts that promote housing justice.

Global Village Project: Global Village Project offers a unique model of inclusive and equitable education for refugee girls. The organization helps students find a sense of safety and belonging in their new environment and obtain a strong academic foundation. The growth that refugee girls experience at GVP, from the several grade levels they gain to their growing confidence to speak up, prepares them to pursue their dreams and aspirations beyond middle and high school.