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We are excited to announce that this pride month, the Mama Bears Giving Circle issued a surprise grant to Tyler Clementi Foundation! Tyler Clementi Foundation will receive $10,000 to continue their incredible work. We’re so thankful to our wonderful Mama Bears Giving Circle donors and our Visionary donor for making this possible!

Learn more about the great work of Tyler Clementi Foundation below.

Tyler Clementi Foundation:

The Tyler Clementi Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to ending online and offline bullying, harassment, and humiliation.

In 2011, The Tyler Clementi Foundation was born out of the urgent need to address these bullying challenges facing vulnerable populations, especially LGBT communities and other victims of hostile social environments.

Not only does the organization continue to carry the important message about the suicide risk facing many LGBT youth, who can be three to seven times more at risk for suicide than other youth, but also their message of standing up to bullying speaks universally across all cultures and identities.

Through programs such as #Day1, which provides free downloadable toolkits customized for different communities, the foundation encourages leadership to create safe spaces where individuals move from being bystanders to Upstanders who embrace diversity.

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