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We are excited to announce that the ReImagine Nashville Giving Circle has granted $19,000 to our Spring 2024 Grant Winners through funds collectively donated over the past six months!

  • Community Child Care Center Inc. $10,000
  • Healing in the Margins $9,000

Learn more about the great work of these organizations below.

Community Child Care Center Inc:

Community Child Care Center Inc. is a not-for-profit organization established in 1971 by Church Women of Franklin. We have served many children in those years and helped families reach levels of independence that would not have been possible without an affordable, safe and nurturing alternative for their children.

Program Description:

This program will provide assistance to the families and staff members we serve in our community with emergency financial assistance, short term emergency shelter, maintain stable housing and increase food security.

Initiative Impact:

This grant will provide us the opportunity to help our families when they fall on hard times.

The outcome we hope to see is our families will continue to maintain stable housing, childcare, and the ability to work and provide for their families.

Healing in the Margins:

Healing in the Margins cultivates systemic change and fosters healing by providing resources and programming in mental health spaces for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

Program Description:

Clients in the Margins serves BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks across Middle Tennessee. This program addresses systemic racism, oppression and harm caused in the mental health system. Clients in the Margins has two current projects: The Therapy Fund and group therapy offerings.

The Clients in the Margins’ Therapy Fund provides for BIPOC and/or LGBQTIA+ folks with financial support to have agency in choosing their own competent counselor. Participants of the Therapy Fund receive up to 12 Sessions up to $120 per session with a therapist of their choosing, most of whom are clinicians from marginalized identities as well. This programming eliminates the common experience of choosing between a provider folks can afford versus a provider who makes them feel safe, seen and culturally known. It also ensures that BIPOC clinicians are paid an equitable rate while serving BIPOC clients.

Community and a sense of belonging are primary in a healing space. Group therapy across Middle Tennessee is provided by Clients in the Margins. One of the current group series, Rooted and Free, facilitates groups to high risk and underserved BIPOC middle school children. Every clinician who facilitates a Rooted and Free group is from a marginalized identity and is supported by the program as well. Group facilitators are provided materials, curriculum, and support to do the work. As facilitators receive support, the emotional container they provide deepens levels of safety, understanding and representation. Clinicians are provided materials, curriculum to support BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Tennesseans the therapeutic support they deserve.

Initiative Impact:

The impact this grant can provide for Clients in the Margins is large. BIPOC participants will receive access to necessary mental health services they may not otherwise receive. Therapeutic spaces that address issues of race, emotional expression and coping skills are vital when working with marginalized folks; these issues are often tackled in individual and group therapy via HM. The Therapy Fund and group therapy offerings provide a more equitable, safe, and accessible mental health care option for folks who have been historically oppressed. Furthermore, BIPOC clinicians will be supported in their work with BIPOC youth and adults.

The expected outcomes of this funding would be the following: 15 BIPOC individuals will receive 1 year (12 sessions) of therapy from a highly skilled, safe, representative clinician. 20-30 BIPOC youth ages 11-16 will participate in group therapy. Client recipients will receive 150 therapeutic counseling hours and over 20 group therapy hours.

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